Stampede: Racing Royale | Patch Notes

Jul 9, 2024

heyhey racers,

This page includes our archive of patch notes for Stampede: Racing Royale. Check back here for a history of the game’s updates and changes, and see our Trello board for the status of hot topics.

Xbox Game Preview (Series X|S, Windows PC) – July 11, 2024

Stampede: Racing Royale on Xbox Game Preview includes additions, improvements, and tweaks from our most recent playtests, driven by the feedback of our community! Below are the headline changes.

Stampede remains in development. We’ll continue to gather your feedback and are already preparing future updates. Thank you <3


Number of different Special Event scenarios has increased to six, with a rotating schedule throughout the Season
Battle and Zombie modes both feature in selected Special Events. Standard three-round matches will consist entirely of Races
General kart and gameplay speed has been increased, following community feedback
The optional tutorial is available from the main menu. A player’s first Stampede match will be a standard three-round event at beginner difficulty


Various minor changes made to the delivery and amount of rewards across the game
Minor adjustments made to Challenges and their rewards
Rocket Start minigame added: At the start of Races, hit the gas as close to the green light as possible to get Nitro, and compare your reaction times to your friends!


Resolved issues experienced by players when reaching the maximum Season Level
Resolved visual issues and crash caused by unlocking the ‘Kaboom’ avatar
Fixed issues causing multiple Challenges to not track and unlock correctly
Resolved instances of karts unlocking at incorrect times during progression through Kart Mastery
Changes made to server behaviour to improve connection quality for all players
Fixed issue causing the ‘Diffuser’ Kart Mastery perk to not operate correctly and slipstream/drafting to not operate as expected
Improvements and additions to VFX, SFX visuals, translations, and general QOL across the board

Note: We’re aware of rare instances of a ‘Connection failed’ notification appearing when a player attempts to start a match and working on a complete fix. In the meantime, players can navigate the issue by adjusting their Server Region in Settings.  

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