Stampede: Racing Royale | FAQs

Jul 9, 2024

Stay up to speed with all things Stampede: Racing Royale with our official FAQs, which we’ll update throughout the game’s development. See you on the track!

What is Stampede: Racing Royale?  

Stampede: Racing Royale is a free-to-play, 60-player kart racing game, available now on Xbox Series X|S and PC through the Xbox app or Microsoft Store, via Xbox Game Preview. Stampede: Racing Royale combines wild 60-player events with a thrilling, competitive battle royale format, challenging all players to join the herd, conquer the chaos, and be the ultimate champion. Players compete in a wide range of events, unlock kart and character customisation items, and discover new challenges and rewards to constantly race for, with new Seasons delivering fresh experiences. 

What’s the latest update on Stampede: Racing Royale being playable on Steam? 

We’re working hard to be able to bring Stampede: Racing Royale back to Steam after our previous playtests. We apologise for not having a timeframe for this just yet, but will provide one as soon as we possibly can.  

All Windows PC users can play, if they wish, by heading to the Microsoft Store and downloading Stampede: Racing Royale (Game Preview) for free. 


How can I give feedback and speak to the Stampede: Racing Royale team?  

For any in-game issues you would like our team to investigate, please email and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. The Stampede: Racing Royale Discord server is also live, where you can chat with our crew, meet fellow players, check patch notes and latest news, and plenty more.  

During every Season, we’ll also be releasing a survey for players to share their thoughts on Stampede: Racing Royale, and help us drive upcoming changes to the game. 


Is an online connection required to play?   

Yes. As all events in Stampede: Racing Royale are online multiplayer, an internet connection is required to participate.  

Can I make more than one character or kart?   

Players have one character and kart assigned to their profile. However, you can change all the customisation options of your character or kart as often as you like, from the Customise tab.   

How can I view and edit the control scheme?  

The options for game controls on both keyboard and controller are available in the Settings. From the main menu, select the cog in the bottom left corner. As well as a default preset control scheme, players can customise inputs and bind actions to different buttons and keys.  

How can I unlock and equip different customisation items?   

Any helmets and outfits for your character that you have unlocked can be equipped in the ‘Customise’ menu. Cycle between the different tabs to choose from your items. Make sure to hit ‘equip’ to use an item, and look for the ‘view colors’ option to see variants of some items. Some cosmetic items will be immediately available, while others can be unlocked as you progress in Stampede: Racing Royale. 


I played Stampede: Racing Royale on Xbox Insider Program. Do I get a super-special reward? 

Of course you do! Keep an eye on your in-game Inbox for an exclusive reward to be delivered, if you played Stampede on Xbox Insider Program. Just make sure you’re signed in to the same Xbox/Microsoft account that you used when playing on Insider Program.  


What’s the Kart Mastery system? 

‘Kart Mastery’ gives every kart you own a unique progression tree. Compete with different karts to earn XP for them and unlock customisation rewards that are unique to each Kart Mastery tree. 


How does the Season Pass work? 

Every Season, a new Season Pass will begin, challenging players to reach new Season Levels – and for each level reached, new customisation items can be unlocked. Keep playing and progressing to find the rarest items for your kart and character. The Season Pass ends and resets at the start of each new Season. 


Are there any other ways to unlock content? 

Yes! Your Account Level will deliver new rewards whenever you reach a new level, and Challenges offer a variety of rewards for completing all kinds of objectives in the game.  


Is there a minimum PC spec to play on Windows?   

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @3.20GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 2300U 
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / AMD Radeon RX 560
OS: Windows 10 


What languages is the game available in?  

English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican). 


Do I need an Xbox Game Pass subscription, or anything else, to play the game? 

Nope – Stampede: Racing Royale is completely free to play. No subscription or additional service, apart from an internet connection, is needed to use the game’s online services.


What cross-platform services does Stampede: Racing Royale have? 

Cross-platform matchmaking in Stampede: Racing Royale means all players can be matched together in lobbies. Also, players on all platforms can become Friends by sharing their in-game Friend Code with each other. Friends can then join Parties of up to five players, to ensure they enter matches together. Currently, players are unable to carry their game progress over to different accounts, such as Xbox and Steam. We’ll let you know if this changes.  


Can I buy items in the game?   

All players are able to make in-game purchases with real money from the Shop, if they wish, as well as packs on the game’s store pages. In-game currency can be purchased with real money, to buy in-game items. Purchasing the in-game Season Pass will also allow you to unlock and equip more customisation items. All purchasable content is for visual items that do not affect your performance or chances of success.    

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