Stampede: Racing Royale Available Now for Free on Xbox Game Preview!

Jul 11, 2024

Heyhey racers,

We’re excited to announce that Stampede: Racing Royale is now live on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows PC, via Xbox Game Preview!

Completely free to play, with no Game Pass subscription required, Stampede joins Game Preview today to begin ‘Season 0’. Our debut title from the racing experts at Sumo Leamington, published by Secret Mode, is a fast and frantic kart racing game with a battle royale twist. Compete against the world in 60-player races and battles, fighting over three rounds to avoid elimination and become ultimate champion.

Conquer the chaos and race to victory over three-round elimination matches, and discover our Battle and Zombie modes in limited-time Special Events. Look as good as you race by discovering and equipping an array of wild and wonderful customisation items for your kart and character. Challenges, progression rewards and other surprises mean there’s always something to race for in the world of Stampede!

Check out the official launch trailer for Stampede: Racing Royale on Xbox below:

We are also continuing to work hard on bringing Stampede to Steam in Early Access, following our previous playtests. We apologise for not having a timeframe at this point, and will update you as soon as we possibly can on a Steam Early Access launch. PC players on Windows can play Stampede for free, if they wish, by heading to the Xbox app or Microsoft Store and downloading Stampede: Racing Royale (Game Preview) for free.

Screenshot from Stampede: Racing Royale, featuring karts and characters

Ready to race? Before you jump into the action, here are some handy links!

Check out our latest feature guide videos to get up to speed on Stampede as you get started. Also, check out our community support guide, to see how to report any issues you experience and how to join the Stampede community on Discord. Our FAQs are here, and make sure to follow us on Instagram, X, TikTok and YouTube to stay up to date.

Alrighty then. Xbox Game Preview. Let’s goooo!

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