Get Started With Stampede: Racing Royale | Feature Guides!

Jun 25, 2024

Stampede: Racing Royale is picking up speed on our road to Early Access launch! As we announced during the ID@Xbox showcase with a fancy new trailer, the free-to-play, online 60-player battle royale kart racer from Sumo Leamington and Secret Mode comes to Steam and Xbox this summer. You should totally Wishlist, by the way.

To get you ready for Early Access, we’re rolling out a series of gameplay videos, walking through some key features and areas of the game. Grab a snack and get up to speed on Stampede with these videos…

How To Win!

Well, you might not win every time after watching this, but here’s a simple breakdown of how a standard Stampede: Racing Royale match will go down. 60 drivers. Three rounds. One champion!

Powerful Power-Ups

Success in Stampede may mean causing a little damage. Or… a lot of damage. Here’s a guide to our first slate of power-ups – use them to your advantage!

Customisation Guide

Looking the best is sometimes (or in our opinion, always) as good as being the best. Customising your look is a huge deal in Stampede: Racing Royale, so check out how it works with our first suite of customisation items – over 450 of ’em!

Progression Guide

Every race and achievement in Stampede is a chance to unlock, earn, and progress. Check out this breakdown of different features to get stuck into, including Challenges, Season Pass, and Kart Mastery…

Look out for more videos and guides on YouTube and all your usual social channels, as we head towards Early Access on Steam and Xbox, via Xbox Game Preview. See you on the track soon!

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