Stampede: Racing Royale | Community Support Details

Jul 9, 2024

heyhey racers!

With Stampede: Racing Royale now live on Xbox Game Preview, we’re making sure all players are prepared to join our community, and get the game-related support they need. Check out some key info below.

Bug Reporting or Account Issues

Experienced an issue whilst playing Stampede and want our team to investigate? Please drop an email to, and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. Make sure to check out our patch notes archive, as well as our Trello board of known hot topics, to see if there are details on what you want to report.

Stampede Discord

Want to chat with our team, meet fellow players, share content, and keep an eye on all Stampede: Racing Royale news? The official Stampede: Racing Royale Discord server is here! Jump in to join our community today.

Known Issues Board

We aim to keep our community as informed as possible on what we’re working on for Stampede, even before changes are live. Our Trello board of known hot topics is regularly updated with important information, including progress on some commonly-reported topics.

Join The Herd!

Here’s our call to follow Stampede: Racing Royale on all your dopamine-delivering apps of choice. Check us out on Instagram, TikTok, X, and YouTube for content, breaking news, and plenty more weird and wonderful Stampede stuff!

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