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The wildest racing event in existence!

Step on the gas!

Burn rubber, blast the competition, and go bumper to bumper in this fun, fast-paced and free-to-play battle royale kart racing game.

60 ​Player Battle!

Race and battle your way to the front of the herd to avoid elimination, in the exciting scramble to be crowned champion.

Make it yours!

Equip your character and kart with weird and wonderful items, ensuring you and your wheels stand out from the herd.

Join the herd!

Be part of a thriving community of players. Have your say on Stampede’s development, enter exclusive events, and get involved in the action!

Early access!

The journey is just beginning, so help Stampede grow! Join us in Early Access to share feedback on new features, items, and exciting ways to play.

The action never stops!

With limited-time events, new content, and fresh swag dropping all the time, there is always something to discover in Stampede: Racing Royale!

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The Wildest Race In Existence

Welcome to Stampede: Racing Royale – the wildest racing event in existence. Step on the gas in thrilling kart racing and battle events, with 60 participants all competing simultaneously. Harness your skills and a huge range of power-ups to steer your way to the front of the herd in classic circuit racing, and fight the crowd head-on to score the most points in arena-based battles.

The more you compete, the more items you’ll unlock and earn – from unique threads and styles for your character, to new options and perks for your kart. Win XP, complete challenges, and progress through seasons to create looks that make you stand out from the herd.

There’s always something to be part of in the world of Stampede. Seasons, events, challenges, and much more mean the ways you can race are constantly changing, with new rewards up for grabs.

Start or join a party to experience the chaotic action of Stampede: Racing Royale with friends and family, and join the race to be crowned champion!